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What are World of Hyatt hotel points worth?

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This article is our attempt to decide what World of Hyatt points are worth. How should you value them?

Valuing miles and points is a thankless job. We have always published articles on what Avios points are worth, but that Avios article is so complex that it simply proves my point.

In the face of constant reader requests, however, I wrote this series of articles on how we value each of the major hotel points currencies. We are updating the series this month.

What are World of Hyatt points worth?

Here are links to the full series:

The reason I have changed my mind after all these years is that I have found a methodology that works for me. It takes a subjective valuation and then explains the boundaries around it. Or, in plain English:

  • I will tell you (without justifying it) what I think a World of Hyatt point is worth
  • I will tell you, on the upside, how far wrong I can be (which is good news)
  • I will tell you, on the downside, how far wrong I can be (which is bad news)
  • I will tell you what World of Hyatt points are worth if you turn them into something else – usually airline miles – which effectively locks in a floor value

Why I think ‘range’ is important when valuing hotel points

When we look at using Avios for business or First Class flights, the ‘cash alternative’ is often a poor comparison. Most HfP readers don’t want to, or simply can’t afford to, pay cash for business or First Class flights. Their choice is Avios or nothing. Even if you can afford to pay, what are you comparing with? A cheap non-refundable sale flight? A pricier flexible ticket? The cost of an indirect flight, not on BA?

Hotels redemptions are different:

  • you stay in far more hotels each year compared to the number of premium cabin flights you take, so you can be selective about when you use points
  • you can usually afford to pay for a hotel if you choose not to use points
  • there are far more options in the hotel market than in the flight market – most people only have a lot of miles in one airline programme, whereas you are likely to hold hotel points in multiple schemes
What are World of Hyatt points worth?

It is easy to sit on hotel points until you get a good deal

The net result of the three facts above is that it is easy to turn down a hotel redemption when it doesn’t seem like good value. You can pay cash or redeem via another hotel scheme instead.

Here is the crux of what I am trying to say. If you compare two hotel schemes:

  • scheme A usually gets you 0.3p per point but if you are lucky you can get 1p
  • scheme B usually gets you 0.4p per point but if you are lucky you can get 0.6p

…. scheme A may actually be the best.

Most people who try to ‘value’ hotel points don’t take this into account.

If you redeemed points for every stay you did, regardless of the cash price, scheme B would be the best. No-one does this though. In reality you can pay cash for your stays in scheme A until the day when a bumper redemption arrives and you can get 1p.

Here’s a real example. I value Marriott Bonvoy points at 0.5p as our article last week showed. If you do 20 Marriott hotel stays and use Bonvoy points for all of them, I think you will average 0.5p, give or take.

However, last month I spent five nights at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa in Venice, reviewed here. We booked two Junior Suites for 594,000 points in total. I got 1.0p per point, and this was a ‘real’ saving – I have stayed in these rooms before at this hotel and would have paid cash if needed.

Last October, I booked three nights at the Al Maha desert resort in Dubai. This got me 1.5p per Bonvoy point vs my 0.5p valuation.

These redemptions justified all of the Marriott stays where I paid cash rather than redeem for 0.5p per point.

What are World of Hyatt points worth?

What are World of Hyatt points worth?

With our methodology out of the way, let’s take a look at what World of Hyatt points are worth.

To keep things simple, we do not adjust for the fact that you would earn points back if you paid cash instead. This can have a noticeable impact when generous bonuses are running.

On the upside, World of Hyatt waives resort fees, where they exist, on redemption nights which must be paid on cash nights.

The HfP average valuation of a World of Hyatt point:


Regular readers of this series will know that I do not justify these valuations. In this case, I am making an exception. This is because 1.2p is – slightly oddly – our ‘what is your escape route?’ valuation in case the programme devalues. Irrespective of what value you can get from a free room night, you can still get 1.2p using points to settle extras on your bill as I will show.

Regardless of that, 1.2p also makes sense when looking at the points needed for a free night. The most expensive night in the Hyatt system is just 45,000 points, which is a peak day Category 8. At 1.2p you are looking at £540 and this is for the handful of top properties in the system such as Park Hyatt New York. Even then, Park Hyatt New York – which is rarely under $1,000 for cash, and can often hit $1,500 – will only be 35,000 points on off-peak nights.

It is virtually impossible to get less than 1.2p in the current 2023 hotel market at top Hyatt properties.

Even at mid-market hotels, 20,000 points – £240 at 1.2p – is fair at a mid range big city property. Somewhere more ‘regular’, such as the new Hyatt Regency in Stratford, East London, is 9,000 points off-peak. As long as cash rates are above £108, which is pretty much a certainty, you’re beating 1.2p. Similarly, the Hyatt Place at Heathrow is 5,000 points per night off peak, so anything above £60 per night – not exactly tricky – would beat 1.2p.

How high can value go on the upside?

High – very high in the current hotel market – which is good.

Each World of Hyatt hotel has a points price cap, which you can see on this page of their website.

I can quote you silly numbers (40,000 points for my room at Park Hyatt New York last year which was selling for $1,995 per night) but even the briefest look at the redemption chart will show you that there are excellent deals out there at peak travel periods. Hyatt is now the best redemption route for peak season stays in Ibiza (7Pines), Sardinia (7Pines), Santorini etc.

We have also highlighted the value of using World of Hyatt points for suite redemptions such as for my stay in Paris in late 2021. These are bookable online and represent, £ for £, probably the best use of Hyatt points.

What are World of Hyatt points worth?

How low can value go on the downside?

Low, in theory, but it rarely happens.

By setting a fixed points price, irrespective of the cash price of the room, there will clearly be cheap days in the year when the value per point is not great. Now that Hyatt has introduced peak and off-peak pricing, however, it should protect your ‘pence per point’ valuation if you do choose to redeem on a night when cash rates are low.

In truth, however, it doesn’t matter. If you are planning a stay and the ‘pence per point’ rate is poor, you can pay cash. Save your points for a day when you can get at least 1.2p and hopefully more.

If World of Hyatt devalues hugely tomorrow, what is my escape route?

This is our floor price. What can you do with your points if World of Hyatt devalues massively overnight?

This is where it gets a bit weird. When we write these articles, we usually show you the ratio of points to airline miles and work out a floor value from that.

(For the record, World of Hyatt points convert at 5:2 into airline miles. This means that if you value an airline mile at 1p, the floor value of a Hyatt point is 0.4p, because 5 Hyatt points are worth 2p of airline miles.)

With Hyatt, there is something better. You can redeem World of Hyatt points for money off your bill, excluding room charges.

Here is the chart showing what you can get:

Hyatt use points for room credit

As you can see, 65,000 World of Hyatt points will get you $1,000 of credit. At the current exchange rate, this is worth 1.2p per point. Your ‘worse case scenario’ is actually your best case scenario much of the time.

You can find out more on this page of the Hyatt site.

In summary …. what do we think World of Hyatt points are worth?

  • on average: 1.2p per point
  • on a very good day: 2p+, most likely at luxury hotels
  • on a bad day: potentially 0.75p, but you can always save your points for next time if you see a redemption where the value is this low
  • if you transfer out to airline miles in a worse case scenario: 0.4p per point
  • if you end up using your points for in-hotel credit: up to 1.2p depending on how many you redeem

As to how this should impact your behaviour:

  • if you tend to visit prime hotels in prime locations at prime times of the year, it makes sense to keep your World of Hyatt points until you can achieve a redemption valuation of 2p or more – this isn’t difficult in the crazy hotel market of 2023
  • if your travel style is more about travelling off peak and staying in mid range hotels, you should refuse to settle for anything less than 1.2p, because this is the value you can get by redeeming points for in-hotel credit

World of Hyatt update – January 2024:

Get bonus points: World of Hyatt is not currently running a global promotion

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Comments (19)

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  • David Cohen says:

    Just redeemed for three nights at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek over New Year. Rooms were $1800/ni, total of 135K points. Plus as a globalist I won’t have to pay the resort fee.

  • Jaaon says:

    Just wish they’d become a MR partner

    • Wally1976 says:

      +1 yes, Hyatt and IHG, please join MR!

    • bafan says:

      No that would be awful – the rates would go through the roof lol.

      • Rizz says:

        Don’t think that would be the case – they have a Hyatt branded chase card in the US, are a transfer partner for Chase, Bilt and other cards… Don’t think becoming a transfer partner for the UK Amex wouldn’t really tip it in any direction, especially given how small Hyatt’s footprint in Europe is.

        • Rob says:

          Hyatt is fully aware, because I’ve discussed it with them, that award prices are going up due to points inflation caused by their US credit cards, and that non-US members take all the pain with zero gain.

          Adding Amex MR transfers across Western Europe would, I’m sure, total no more than 5% of the points issued via US cards.

          • meta says:

            They go up anyway every year as the hotels move up and down categories, mostly up.

          • newbz says:

            Prices just go up and so do amounts of points required for stays (or miles, for flights). More and more programs are revenue based. Don’t think credit cards are to blame here.

          • Rob says:

            On the contrary … it wouldn’t matter IF Hyatt was revenue based (which it isn’t) because revenue based schemes have a guaranteed profit margin. Brand gets x cents per point and gives you 0.5x per point off your stay when you redeem.

            Hyatt is NOT revenue based and so points inflation is a real issue because there is a fixed supply of redemption rooms. There are only two causes of points inflation – higher room rates (so more points issued) and US credit cards (more points issued).

  • HFPCar says:

    I’m looking for some hotels in January 24 1 near ATL airport for 1 night and some nights in MIA any particular hotels I should be looking at to collect avios points? TIA

  • BSI1978 says:

    Echo Jaaon comments; Hyatt have become my preferred brand of hotel now though. Particularly with their recent London openings.

    With the Lizzie line now open, big fan of the Regency at Stratford, particularly at the weekend when Emyr can usually get some decent rates.

  • Tom says:

    Just stayed at the Hyatt Place Heathrow for 5000 points per night booked on the day before. It was selling at £176 for that night. Happy!

    • Gordon says:

      Good hotel, plenty of underground parking, fantastic views from top floor rooms of runways.
      But the soundproofing in the rooms is impressive!

    • Harry T says:

      Just done the same this week, really good value for a stopover.

  • Gordon says:

    My best Hyatt redemption booking to date is for Hemingway’s Nairobi, pre safari, 20th August 2024, 2 nights Cash price £768 pn
    Points 29,000 pn,
    Shame I could not book the Karen Blixen suite with points, but the property and grounds itself looks fantastic.

    I think we will be struggling to find one for the next stops in Uganda & Rwanda though, Hyatt site is down atm for maintenance.

  • dshunter says:

    Just realised your account needs to be 60 days old to top up points. No way round this I presume?

  • astra19 says:

    Had a bit of a nightmare with a redemption in Belgrade but other than them accidentally cancelling one of the rooms, it was incredible value. 9,000 points while the cash rate was over £400 a night.

    • meta says:

      I get Regency Executive Suite for 10k per night every time I am in Belgrade. I’m a lowly Discoverist, but if you are in a Suite you get free breakfast in the restaurant as well as access to the lounge. No issues with the hotel, redemptions or the staff. All really helpful and it’s now my go-to there.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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